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(A) JASON PULTZ - Creator of COMIC STRIP - Jason sometimes shows up to keep his characters in line or to give the readers a little advice.

(B) SCARYBEAR - Inside this large and menacing exterior lies a caring creature with almost childlike naiveity. He spends his days eating pop-tarts, scaring little kids and hanging out with Cowboy Rick. Smarter than your average bear!

(C) SLUGGO - A visitor from far away. Trying to fit into his new surroundings and with his new friends. His real name is Carl.

(D) DOGGY - Doggy is in fact, a dog. He is also quite intelligent. The voice of reason in the gang of misfits.

(E) COWBOY RICK - Cowboy Rick is a drunk cowboy. He once hosted a childrens television show, but was kicked off of it shortly after the "incident." He now uses alcohol to fill the giant voids in his life. Like all of us, he is looking for quick ways to get rich and easy ways to get "some."

(F) CLUCKY - This foul - mouthed fowl wandered in straight off the local restaurant's menu. A loose cannon with morals or soul.

(G) PHILIS - The local prostitute and mother of BirdBoy.

(H) BIRDBOY - Half bird / Half boy - Bird-Boy's freakish nature is due to his mothers heavy use of crack cocaine while she was pregnant. Nobody really likes him.

(I) MAC - Mac is an evil, outdated computer. If hitler had a computer, he would have owned this one. Mac spends his days trying to take over the world and put an end to mankind.

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