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New look, more comics, same bear
Tuesday Feb 27th

Well you've probably noticed some big changes here at For the last 5 years I've been making Comic Strip we've stuck with the same website. The sparse sand-yellow site is gone and replaced with the brand new, action packed, clay colored site! Think of it as a soothing mudpack facial for your monitor.

I've added TONS of fun stuff. We've got links on the bottom right hand side to the new RSS feed, our LiveJournal feed and my MySpace page. (add me to your friend list!) I have some of my photos up on my Parazz page.

I'm introducing some ads on the page and offering super LOW rates for advertising so you can get your message to all the good like-minded people out there. Get in now before prices go up!

Check out the archive for hundred's of comics and the new Comic Strip book for over 50 comic not available online!

I have some fun Comic Strip related merch at Also lots of other stuff like my original paintings and prints for sale.

Are you signed up on our mailing list? You should because you'll receive the latest comics via email!

That's it for now!


P.S. - If you ever want to get back to the main page with the current comic - Just click Scarybear's head in the top left hand corner.

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